Why Exhibit?



Contact us now to book a stand at the 2016 Kasi Career Expo!


Why Exhibit:


Kasi Career Expo offer learners an opportunity to enrich their young curious minds in an exceptional environment that promotes education and  leadership. The Expo will expose learners to sponsors and experts in all educational fields they wish to embark in currently and also in future, the knowledge they will acquire is life long and they will stand a better chance of making sound decisons based on the fruitful things they would have learned at the Kasi career Expo.


The Expo  will enrich the leadership role within the education market by highlighing your expertise and though leadership in the education sector with a focus on the previously disadvantaged market . Secure strategic partnerships and new business opportunities. Learners will be given a platform to network with key players in sectors. Making Your contribution as sponsors create year-round advantage and promote education through leadership.


"Enriching young minds - Shaping the future!

All general Enqueries contact: (011) 310 1056 / info@kasiexpo.co.za  

Media & PR contact : media@wisecomms.co.za 



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